• Hello there! Cassius here

    Hello there! Cassius here, from Yurijen Consulting! We are the PR team behind the success of such catchy campaign ads from Oranje Casino and Kroon Casino! We have been using the TE advoca 10 plugin for years now, and I am proud to say that without it, our consulting firm would not be where we are now.

    We often use WordPress to get the good word out for our clients. The TE advoca 10’s ability to display 10 vocal ads comes in handy on a PR firm such as ours. We are a very tech-savvy company, and are always excited to make use of every available tech at our fingertips. It gives us the edge we need to stay ahead of our competitors!

    The use of the TE advoca 10 for our ad campaigns have also inspired some of our clients to follow suit. Some good examples are the aforementioned Oranje Casino, and Kroon Casino. These two companies have seen how well the plugin performs. They were very curious about it. When asked about it, we were quick to recommend it to our clients.

    As the legendary movie critic Roger Ebert would have said: This one gets two thumbs up!

  • Hi, my name’s Yoko!

    I work for Azekuzai Productions, a talent agency based in Leovegas. I first came across the TE advoca 10 plugin during an online casino gaming session we did on our team outing. Some of us—including me, of course—got a freespin casino no deposit by playing through the vocal ads that the plugin displayed!

    Naturally, this got me to thinking how I could use the very same plugin to increase our site’s traffic. We were an up and coming talent agency back then, and had only booked a few models.

    We did a test case of the TE advoca 10 plugin on a profile page we made for Deirde “Dee-Dee” Malaky, one of our top models during that period. Overnight, traffic spiked on Deirde’s page. And that’s not all. While Dee-Dee was no stranger to the edgier jobs, like boudoir, she was getting tired of those. After traffic spiked on her page, she got invites to less edgy jobs. Now, Dee-Dee was a household name in the world of modeling, a true rags to riches fairytale come true!

    It’s all thanks to the TE advoca 10 plugin. Dee-Dee wanted to put the good word out, so here I am!

  • This is Wendell.

    This is Wendell. I represent the DOM Writers Group, made up of middle-aged writers who find ways to remain relevant in these times. Our group prides itself on being the first group of writers to ever perform spoken word poetry in Jackpot City. Not only that, but we have also performed at other famous casinos, such as Kroon Casino or Oranje Casino. But Jackpot City remains closest to our heart.

    Our group was all but forgotten before we discovered the TE advoca 10 plugin. The wonderful thing about this plugin is that it embraces users from all walks of life. From the unlettered vagrants who are constantly after the freespin casino no deposit, to the highbrow Oranje Casino Irregulars, the plugin often seeks to accommodate each. This is done via the user-friendly adaptive AI, the Kayanatyn Assistant.

    Most of us were not good with computers. However, we do strive to overcome our shortcomings in that department. This is what makes the Kayanatyn Assistant feature a godsend for us. It has helped us become more computer literate, and ready to take advantage of the TE advoca 10 plugin. Straightaway, we applied the plugin to our group blog, and were impressed with the results!

    This is one plugin that you absolutely have to try.

  • We at Nuripax

    We at Nuripax have used the TE advoca 10 plugin for years. As our legal firm includes consulting for online casinos such as Oranje Casino, Jackpot City, and Kroon Casino. The TE advoca 10 plugin introduces the most convenient solution for expanding Nuripax’s online presence.

    When we first discovered the plugin, it had already amassed a great number of loyal followers. We were intrigued—and excited—by the many good reviews it had received. Here was a plugin designed to display 10 vocal ads, helping to improve online visibility. It also proved to be a good combination with our custom web catalog revenue model.

    We salute the TE advoca 10 plugin and its developers for presenting a practical solution to online PR marketing. This plugin is perhaps one of the very few that performs exactly the way it has been advertised. Its features notwithstanding, TE advoca’s developers are also very open to accepting suggestions on the improvement of their platform. We can attest to this, as one of their people has been very forthcoming and transparent in receiving input we have given to the plugin. We hope for the continued success of TE advoca and its developers.

  • TE advoca is a gem of a plugin

    TE advoca is a gem of a plugin in a carbon infested virtual space. My company, Alturval, has found TE advoca quite handy in our efforts to reach and expand our audience. You may have heard of my company in on site ads at casinos like Leovegas and Jackpot City. It was one of the brilliant ideas of our PR team.

    TE advoca is another of their brilliant ideas. Our internet presence had been dwindling in the past few months. That was when Stan, one of our brightest up and coming PRs, brought up the topic on one of our assessment meetings a few weeks ago. We were sorely in need of improvement in the voice ad department. TE advoca’s claim to effectively distribute 10 vocal ads all throughout are ads proved to be no idle boasting. This plugin does what it advertises, which is more than I can say for a couple of other similar plugins targeting the business sector right now.

    For those who are looking into handy online PR tools, TE advoca 10 plugin is one tool that should be added to your arsenal.

  • The Vaneeckhout TE advoca 10 plugin is our go to choice

    The Vaneeckhout TE advoca 10 plugin is our go to choice for creating constant traffic to our business. devMid Games has brought some of your timeless favorites to online casinos such as Kroon Casino, and Jackpot City. We were also the ones behind the freespin casino no deposit visibility campaign. We often feature promo campaigns from online casinos on our website. At times like these, Vaneeckhout comes to our rescue.

    To give an example. The freespin casino no deposit visibility campaign, which we mentioned above, routinely utilized the TE advoca 10 plugin. We did a field comparison of ad campaigns: one where we used Vaneeckhout’s plugin, and another where we didn’t. We saw a marked increase in traffic on the ad where we used TE advoca 10. On the other hand, the latter ad experienced a slower rise in traffic when compared to the former. Clearly, Vaneeckhout does not make any false claims. The plugin really works!

    We have been so pleased with the plugin that we’ve gone out of our way to recommend it to our colleagues at other companies. Our colleagues, in turn, have recommended it to their colleagues. And so on, and so forth.

    We look forward to seeing more of Vaneeckhout’s offerings in the future.

  • *Cue Vincent Price impersonation*

    *Cue Vincent Price impersonation* It was a dark stormy night in June when our company discovered Vaneeckhout’s TE advoca 10 plugin.

    Kidding aside, Xarizen specializes in recording voice ads for a variety of companies. Among these are online casinos such as Leovegas, Kroon Casino, Jackpot City, etc. Our voice talents are highly in demand, and the TE advoca 10 plugin has proven to be a worthy partner in our endeavor. Not only have we used Vaneeckhout’s plugin, we have also routinely recommended its use to our many clients. TE advoca 10 has given their sites a boost in revenue since then.

    Xarizen’s beginnings mirror Vaneeckhout’s. Vocal ads were an untapped market way back when. It was through the efforts of select individuals that made vocal ads such an in demand niche to day. We believe that Vaneeckhout—and, to an extent, Xarizen—amplified the popularity of vocal ads. TE advoca 10 has shown companies that a well-placed vocal ad can do wonders for public relations. We like to believe that our own PR for the plugin has made an impact to a good number of these companies. Reading the other reviews here, it brings a smile to our lips to see some of them have left their own glowing reviews.

  • Nantlume applauds Vaneeckhout

    Nantlume applauds Vaneeckhout for the creation of the TE advoca 10 plugin! It is such a nifty way for us to get our message across for our clients. Counting clients like Leovegas and Oranje Casino among our most loyal ranks, it has been our creed to bring more and more people together in their passion for quality entertainment.

    We first learned about Vaneeckhout’s plugin during the popular freespin no deposit visibility campaign—which, if you’ve read a few other reviews here, is something that crops up quite often. At the time, we were looking for ways to increase visibility of our other clients. As vocal ads have become quite the trend in recent years, we thought we’d give it a try.

    We’re happy to tell you that, just like many other businesses who have reviewed the plugin, we weren’t disappointed. In fact, we were very much pleased with the many options available to us.

    Vaneeckhout has always been about quality. They’ve made consistently strong apps and plugins since the very beginning. And TE advoca 10 pitches the company to even greater heights.

    I give it 6 out of 5 stars! 🙂

  • Carlettinnoce is a wine reselling company.

    Carlettinnoce is a wine reselling company. We’re pleased to include the likes of Jackpot City and Kroon Casino among our most devoted customers.

    Our introduction to Vaneeckhout’s plugin, the TE advoca 10, was during a small and medium enterprise (SME) symposium. One of the guest speakers was a former PR consultant for Oranje Casino. His presentation on vocal ads gave glowing reviews to TE advoca 10.

    We’d recorded some good testimonials back then, and found that TE advoca 10 was a great platform to test out those recordings. Within an hour of implementing the plugin, our site usage had spiked to astronomical proportions! We were very much surprised by how effective Vaneeckhout’s plugin is.

    Some ad companies scoff at the effectivity of vocal ads. We’re here to tell you that they’re dead wrong. And we’re not just saying this because of what the guest speaker at the symposium said. Take it from those who have used the plugin: this is the real thing. Just look at all the other reviews.

    That being said, we do wish the plugin would support even more site backend platforms in the future. But even if they don’t, what functionality they have now is hands down miles away from the competition.

  • Queenie from Lyanshart here!

    Queenie from Lyanshart here! We are one of the few companies who still make custom casino chips. If you’ve been to Leovegas, Kroon Casino, or Oranje Casino, then it’s likely that you’ve seen our casino chips. Especially if you’re a high roller.

    Lyanshart has been using Vaneeckhout software for decades. They have proven to be one of the most reliable digital companies out there. And their vocal ad plugin for WordPress, TE advoca 10, is no exception. It comes quite in handy when coupled with our avant garde, aggressive ad campaigns.

    One example of our successful use of the plugin was during our winter season campaign. We were branching out our services to other casinos, and to boost our visibility, had created countless vocal ads to be used by our partner sites. We suggested using the TE advoca 10 plugin to them. We were happy to learn that some of our partners have been using the plugin as well. No less than 20 of our partner sites routinely use TE advoca 10 to increase site traffic and boost their ad revenue services.

    Trust us. This plugin is a must try!